John Kerry (Who Served in Vietnam) Will Be Your Next Secretary of State… But What Difference Does It Make?


Who knew? Who knew? John Kerry served in Vietnam. What difference does it make, though? At this point, what the hell difference does it make that John Kerry served in Vietnam. Who knew? You know, I’m looking at these things in an entirely new… I’ve been watching this stuff all my life. And here I am, age 62 now. I just had a birthday, turned 62. And even now I see these things, like this hearing today, like Hillary yesterday on Benghazi. It’s a dog and pony show. It’s back scratch time. It’s people getting together in the same class, the ruling class in this case, the elites, and they’re praising each other and telling each other how wonderful they are. And how great they are and how much they’ve meant to themselves.

How much they’ve meant to the country and how much they’re going to mean to the country and aren’t we wonderful people and don’t we really care? And we’re really special. I’m really looking at all of this in a drastically different way now. This was a pure dog and pony show. There’s no question that Kerry’s going to be confirmed and there’s also no question in my mind he’s going to be a disaster. Because anybody who thinks like the people in this administration think, particularly as it relates to this country’s place in the world, this country’s history, has to be a disaster.

To these people, America’s always been wrong and they scratch each other’s backs while they talk about that. America’s always guilty. America’s always the one that’s made the transgressions. America always has to be the one to apologize. America has bullied people. And now we have people running the show who understand this. They’re going to make it right around the world. They’ll let everyone know we’re sorry for bullying them and we’re sorry for stealing their oil and we’re sorry for stealing their tin and we’re sorry for stealing their plutonium and we’re sorry for coming in and conquering their people. We understand how bad the United States has been and we’re all here to fix it. They get together at these confirmation hearings and basically tell each other how wonderful they all are.



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