In a turn of events that should be a surprise only if you’ve never heard of Mitch McConnell before, the Senate — with one heck of a lot of Senate Republicans, including nominal conservatives, agreeing — just decided to hike taxes on small businesses and skip any spending cuts of any kind, and over a third of the Republican caucus including the Speaker agreed. Indeed, if the CBO is to be believed, the party managed a feat of foot-shooting of which even most Republicans never dare dream, and managed to increase spending instead.

My friend and colleague Dan McLaughlin was calling for a roughly similar bill to be passed under very different circumstances for a host of very good reasons, my friend and colleague Ben Domenech a similar bill for different reasons. (Domenech has since described it as an insult to fig leaves.) My friend and colleague Erick Erickson called for a complete rejection of the bill for yet different reasons and is now calling for a complete house-cleaning of the party.

I respect — indeed, I can swear before the Almighty that I greatly admire — these men greatly and think the world of their opinions in basically every field of human endeavor, politics certainly included. I leave it to the discerning reader, historian, or alternate history buff to decode who is right and who is wrong. I think, however, that there is a critical point that needs to be emphasized here that is generally lost in the shuffle. Well, a few points, really.

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