Hillary Puke Fest: Sound Bites


Okay, folks, time to get to the audio sound bites. There are too many good ones and I gotta get to some. But I do want to point something out to you. Mrs. Clinton today in her testimony this morning before the Senate committee… Get this, now. Mrs. Clinton said that she has always said the Benghazi attacked was caused by “militants,” and that simply isn’t true. Mrs. Clinton for weeks went out and blamed the video. She blamed protests. She did not blame Al-Qaeda. She said today that she always blamed Al-Qaeda, that she always said that it wasn’t a protest, that it was terrorism.

Folks, it simply is not true.

But then again, we should not be surprised when a Clinton lies under oath.
You see, it all depends on what the definition of “is” is. But she did say that. She cut an ad, a TV ad with Obama that ran in Pakistan blaming the video, blaming this filmmaker. The first hour and a half today at the Senate committee hearing, there wasn’t even a question about the video. Not one question about the video! They blamed all of that on the video for weeks, and there wasn’t one question about it. That’s what I mean about the ruling class circling the wagons. Okay, to the sound bites. Here is Hillary opening the hearing with tears. You know, it was her best moment of the 2008 primaries when she cried. Remember that? She saved herself in New Hampshire, and it always works for Oprah. Lance Armstrong didn’t cry, and people ripped into him.



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