Gun-Outing Newspaper Removes Names, Addresses from Map


The New York newspaper that made itself infamous for publishing an interactive, Internet-based map revealing the names and addresses of thousands of New York’s law abiding gun owners has now disabled the feature that allows readers to see those names and addresses.

The Westchester-area Journal News caused outrage among New York’s legal gun owners with its anti-gun stunt as the story surged across the country. Citing public safety issues, as late as last Tuesday a group of 50 current and former law enforcement officials gathered to demand that the newspaper remove the names from public view.

As soon as the map became an issue, legislators began efforts to change the state’s laws to make it illegal to out gun owner’s names. Even though such a law has yet to be put in place, the Journal News has decided to remove the names and addresses on its own citing the “spirit” of the laws under consideration, as well as a provision in the state’s latest anti-gun law that passed earlier this week.



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