The New York Times. I hate to break this to you. Do you remember when they were touting digitizing health records, making everybody’s health records electronic so that they would be easily available to doctors and medical professionals? Of course, not scammers. They would never get them, of course not. Only the people that needed to see your health records would ever be able to. They’d take care of that.

They said, “It’s gonna really make things cheaper. We have to do this because health care costs are just out of control, causing the deficit, causing the national debt. We’ve gotta get our arms around this.” So the majority of people said, “Okay, fine. Go ahead. Let’s digitize our records.” Well, I hate to tell you, but the New York Times has a story on this. Here’s the headline: “In 2nd Look, Few Savings From Digital Health Records.”

Oh, no. Now, I remember when I first heard about this I didn’t believe any of it. I heard about digitizing health records, and I warned everybody in the audience, “It isn’t gonna save anybody any money. It’s gonna cost money to do this, more than if we didn’t, and it’s not gonna help privacy. It’s gonna be the exact opposite.” I said it in a very confident, sure-of-myself way, which I’m sure made 24-year-old girls nervous.

Once again, I turned out to be right.

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