GOP Doesn’t Have the Will to Stand Up to Obama on the Debt Limit


I want to talk about the debt limit deal, because it’s happening all over again. And, frankly, I think this is all an exercise in futility anyway. We don’t have the numbers — but more importantly, we don’t have the will — to stop Obama here in what he wants to do. He hasn’t presented a budget in four years. Well, the Democrats in the Senate haven’t done a budget. Obama presents a budget every year that’s dead on arrival.

No Obama budget in four years has even gotten a single vote, folks. Not one vote, including from Democrats. And just yesterday, the regime told Congress that they’re not gonna be on time with this year’s budget, which is February 4th. By law, the administration’s budget has to be submitted by February 4th. They’re gonna miss it. But it’s all an academic proposal because Obama’s budgets are never passed.

They never see the light of day. They’re all dead on arrival. They don’t get one vote, and the reason is they’re not intended to. Obama submits budgets that were instantly thrown out. The reason that the Democrats have not proposed and presented a budget is because they’ve tried to shield from the American people and the low-information voter community what their real plans are.

The Democrats know full well that if they were to be up front and honest about their plans, they would not win very many elections. So the reason… Everybody thinks it’s a strategic or tactical reason for not presenting a budget. And to a certain extent it is because they allow, then, the budget to be funded with a continuing resolution, followed by another continuing resolution, which gives us this never-ending budget crisis for three years.



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