FrackNation Sheds Truth on Fracking Debate


That is what Phelim McAleer’s new film FrackNation offers and what so many in the debate over hydraulic fracturing lack. Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking, is an unnecessarily controversial method of oil and gas extraction. FrackNation sets the record straight.

Instead of Matt Damon’s Promised Land’s completely untrue visuals of pastures of dead cows, McAleer shows cows that are continuing to live on family farms because of the extra income families collect from natural gas production. Instead of journalists pretending to have roots in a small community rich with natural gas, McAleer doesn’t pretend to know how to ride an ATV and talks with the people who do.

McAleer set out to discover the truth about this practice made controversial by the debunked yet popular film Gasland, which has to this point largely driven the negative narrative on fracking, especially the notion that fracking contaminates drinking water, which it never has.



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