Elizabeth Warren Stops Being an Indian

Boston Herald Media

Despite repeated claims she is “proud” of her Cherokee heritage, newly minted U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is keeping that pride under wraps and won’t be taking advantage of a chance to officially list herself as the Bay State’s first Native American U.S. senator.

Aides said Warren, who describes herself as part Cherokee and part Delaware Indian, won’t contact historians at the Senate Historical Office to tell them she’s Native American. The office lists minority senators in its official directory.

Warren’s aides refused further comment, but Betty Koed, an associate historian at the Senate Historical Office, said, “If her office wants to call and have her listed, we’d be happy to do so.”

The office’s running tally of African American, Asian, Hispanic and Native American senators is based on the senators’ biographies and self-identification. Despite the extensive reporting of Warren’s claims of her Native American heritage during last year’s campaign. Koed said the senator is not being listed because she didn’t self-identify.

“We have many senators throughout history who have some amount of Native American blood,” Koed said. But if they don’t include it in their bios, “they don’t make our list.”



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