Democrats: We’re Not Done Raising Taxes


My memory is that we “put the tax issue behind us” back in the fiscal cliff deal. I remember Senator McConnell said that. I remember a lot of Republicans saying, “Okay, we put the tax issue behind us.” I remember people like Bill Kristol and others in the media saying, “We gotta let Obama have this. You know, going to the mat on the fiscal cliff is a mistake. We need to keep our powder dry for the debt limit deal. It’s only a tax increase on the rich. Go ahead; get it off the table.” It’s off the table. They’re coming back for more.

Chuck-U Schumer. This is yesterday. Chuck-U Schumer said that the US Senate will only fulfill its legal obligation to pass a budget if the budget, which hasn’t been passed since 2009, includes new tax increases. Chuck-U said, “We need a budget.” It was on Meet the Press yesterday. “We need a budget. It’s a great opportunity to get some more revenues.” Oh, hold it a minute. The Republicans told me that we put the tax issue behind us. I don’t know, folks. We don’t ever put issues behind us. We just concede and then go to the next one thinking somehow we’re gonna really take it to ’em then. And we concede then, and kick the can down the road, “We’re gonna really take it to them.”

We’ve doing this for I don’t know how many years. They’re coming back for more taxes, and we think we put the tax issue behind us. I don’t know. If the opposition doesn’t even know what’s happening to it, you know, what hope is there? If the Republicans don’t even know what’s happening to ’em, there’s no hope that they’re gonna end up doing anything right here.



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