Democrats Exploit Tragedy to Implement Their Utopian Agenda of Behavioral Control


It’s all an exploitation of a very tragic and sad event. In this case, it’s Sandy Hook. It could be a hurricane, but Sandy Hook, this is the starting point for this, and it’s simply the excuse for the left to do everything they can to implement more and more of their nirvana or utopian agenda, like health care was, Obamacare was.

And I want to remind you, I want to tell you one more time what’s driving all this. I mean this, again, from the bottom of my heart. You got Biden and Obama up there today. It could be John Kerry one day, Harry Reid the next, or Nancy Pelosi. But whatever, the Democrats, they’re all up talking about things we must do to make our country safer, our children. We must do this to protect people from the rich, whatever, it’s all rooted in the exact opposite of the way they want you to think of it. They want you to think of them as loving you, understanding you, protecting you, relating to you, on your side. You’re the little guy and they’re looking out for you.

The truth of the matter is that these elitist leftists who want to control every aspect or as much of life as they can do so precisely because they have no faith in you. You look at a guy like Ronald Reagan, or look at any conservative. I’ll use myself. When I look out across the country I make an assumption that we are populated by a country where the majority of the people are decent and good and trustworthy. We can count on them, they’re reliable, and when they’re needed, they’ll show up. We look at the people of this country optimistically. We look at our future optimistically. We look and see a country of people who can take care of themselves and who want to, who are self-reliant, who want to be self-reliant, maybe in some cases even rugged individualists. We don’t see anything wrong with that.



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