DC Media Discover Conservative Revolt After Boehner Vote


In the days leading up to the vote for Speaker for the 113th Congress, Breitbart News reported extensively on a growing movement among conservative members of the House to challenge John Boehner’s reelection. The nation’s political media either ignored these reports or belittled them as fantasy. During the actual vote, however, 12 members either voted for someone other than Boehner or withheld their vote. While the revolt fell short, it was clear to everyone then that it was real. In the days since, the media have been scrambling to report on news they missed.

The latest of these was published Sunday in Roll Call. The article, by Jonathan Strong, confirms most of the details reported by Breitbart News in the days leading up to the vote. Rather than acknowledge Breitbart’s reporting, however, Strong makes the strange claim that Breitbart’s reporting was actually about a different conservative revolt.



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