Court rejects San Antonio student’s First Amendment appeal over forced tracking chips


The 15-year-old student who is suing a San Antonio school district because she refuses to wear a radio-frequency-enabled badge on religious grounds has lost another round in court, this time in a federal appeals court.

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans declined to issue an injunction on behalf of Andrea Hernandez last week, reports the San Antonio Express-News. Hernandez and her family say wearing the required badges is the equivalent of accepting the Book of Revelation’s “mark of the beast” that symbolizes submission to the Antichrist.

As a result, Hernandez must wear a microchip-laden RFID badge at all times while on the campus of the John Jay High School, a science and engineering magnet school. Otherwise, she will be forcibly transferred to her regular neighborhood school until her constitutional claims are decided on the merits at trial, and possibly permanently.



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