Coulter: Why Can’t We Get A List Of Women Who Have Abortions?


Sean Hannity continued his pushback against gun control advocates with Ann Coulter tonight. They focused on how strongly liberals work in the wake of every mass shooting to crack down on guns. Coulter suspected many of them would rather forget the Second Amendment, while continuing to explain her issues with the NRA’s armed guards proposal.

Hannity first brought up the newspaper that published the names of all local gun owners, pointing out the list inadvertently alerts all criminals to which houses do not have guns. Coulter claimed that home invasions are more common in England than in the United States because of their strong gun laws. She asked why gun owners can be publicly identified but criminal records cannot be released in a similar fashion.

Coulter said she was baffled at how little action liberals want to take against criminals and the mentally disturbed, as opposed to how much they want to crack down on guns. Hannity said that liberals always call for more government following each mass shooting, and asked Coulter how conservatives can effectively counter anti-gun hysteria on the left. Coulter said liberals seem “completely unaware” of the Second Amendment, pointing out that almost every single mass shooting in recent history has taken place in gun-free zones and people “should care about concealed carry.”



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