Conservatives Have No Credibility with the Low-Info Crowd Because We Don’t Defend Our Own When They Come Under Attack


Inside-the-Beltway Republicans, the moderate Republicans, the Republican establishment feel the same way about conservatives. I shared with you a couple stories, one in, the other in the New Yorker, about the effort now to isolate the South because it is an area of heavy concentration of conservatives. By isolate it, mean demonize it. Just a bunch of old-fashioned hayseed sexists and racists and bigots who don’t believe in gay rights, gay marriage. They believe in slavery. They don’t like feminism. It’s just throwbacks. Kooks. They’ve gotta be ignored. Lincoln didn’t finish the job, is the Salon premise. Lincoln didn’t finish wiping out the South. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why the movie Lincoln is getting such attention. It’s to focus on Lincoln. What did he do? He took out the South. All this is happening.

And then Ms. Colon says, “Conservatives simply have no one in the media that has any credibility with the ill-informed masses.” I sadly think that’s true. There’s a reason for it. It’s not that conservatism doesn’t fit. It’s not that conservatism doesn’t apply, because Reagan did have that credibility. It’s one of the reasons why the revisionists in history have been so unkind to Reagan. Reagan was profoundly effective and they hated him for that simple reason. And they hate anybody else who is, by the way. So they have to destroy them. Now, the difference is, when they launch assaults, pick your favorite conservative anywhere, elected or in the media, the rest of the conservative establishment usually does not defend that person. They join in the criticism, or they express sorrow and concern and agree that something needs to be done about what that person said.

The reason they do this is because they are trying to curry favor with the critics. They don’t want to be criticized as — well, I don’t want to use myself in this. It would probably be the easiest way to make the point, but I don’t want to make it about me. If I use myself in this, I’m gonna come off as whining. Let me use Sarah Palin, because what happened last night at the Golden Globes fits what I’m gonna tell you here. Sarah Palin had to be destroyed. Sarah Palin was saving the McCain campaign. Sarah Palin had to be destroyed.

Now, it’s understandable the Democrats and the left, who will always tell us who they fear the most, would try to destroy Palin. I can’t tell you how livid I was when I saw other Republicans joining the premise that she was either an idiot or stupid or uninformed or ill-prepared or unqualified or whatever. I can’t tell you how livid that made me. The left never does that to its people. When their people come under attack, they circle the wagons around ’em and they promote ’em. They elevate them. Dan Rather, classic example, totally destroyed his career in the real world with that phony story on George Bush and the National Guard.



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