CNN’S King: Women in Combat Will Help Obama Transform America Like Reagan


I’ll tell you something. This obsession that these people on the Democrat side have with Ronaldus Magnus is so devoid of any reality. I think all they’re trying to do — well, not all they’re trying to do — what they want is a Republican comparison so that they can compare. They know that people think Reagan’s a great president. Obama is Hoover. He’s not Reagan. And what they’re trying to do is anoint Obama with greatness by comparing him to Reagan. And that’s what offends me. But just so you know, by his fourth year in office, if you want a comparison, by his fourth year in office, after Reagan’s policies of cutting taxes, reducing regulations, we were in the midst of massive economic growth. It resulted in over 20 million new jobs.

There is absolutely no comparison between Obama and Reagan. None. Other than this changing the overall ideological mind of the American people. There’s no doubt that Obama’s jealous of Reagan being able to do that. Obama would love if everybody in this country became as Alinsky-like as he is. But this Reagan comparison is a flat out admission to what a failure Obama is. They’re not comparing him to FDR. They’re not comparing him to Woodrow Wilson. They’re comparing him to Reagan. And what’s doubly frustrating is that our own party won’t even talk positively about Reagan. Oh, no, the era of Reagan is over. Those are long ago days. We can’t keep Reagan alive today. It’s a different era.

Not for these guys. It was a formative point in their lives. Reagan scared the devil out of them and that’s why they gotta change it. This little idea here — and John King is right. Climate change, gay marriage. That’s what they all think Obama needs to do to solidify this new coalition of his. Climate change, gay marriage, those other two big issues in young people today. But I wonder how important they’re going to be when the financial system collapses from Obama’s debt. I wonder how important all that’s going to end up being when people are literally out of unemployment benefits and out of Medicare and don’t have jobs and can’t afford health care.

I wonder how important gay marriage and climate change are going to be to them then. I predict to you that it won’t be very important. Climate change, gay marriage, it’s not going to matter a hill of beans once the real impact of the Obama presidency kicks in. You wait. You mark my words. They are miscalculating here. They’re feeling arrogant and cocky. Lots of hubris and it’s gonna come back and bite them. But don’t misunderstand. Obama, what he’s doing, is devastating. That’s my point. These social issues are not going to matter much to these people once this happens.



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