The hopelessly biased Carol Costello was rattled to the core today when South Carolina sheriff Al Cannon gave her a lesson in Constitutional law. He also exposed Costello for the blithering hypocrite that both she and most of the media are.

My guess is that Costello and her producers forgot that country doesn’t mean dumb. Cannon’s demeanor, intelligence, education, and command of the facts ran circles around the left-wing morning anchor.

But why is Carol Costello, of all people, upset with what Cannon is doing? All he’s doing is following President Obama’s lead. After all, it was Obama who set a new media-accepted precedent that says it’s okay for him to violate his oath of office when it comes to upholding and enforcing our nation’s laws.

Obama has openly and publicly stated — to much media acclaim — that he will not enforce certain parts of our immigration laws or the Defense of Marriage Act. He doesn’t agree with those laws and therefore he will not enforce them.

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