Christie Positions Himself to Challenge Hillary in the 2016 Democrat Primary


So there’s Governor Christie positioning himself as, I think, a real challenger to Hillary in the Democrat primary in 2016. (interruption) Well, no. I don’t think Governor Christie “cringed” at the kids on stage with Obama because, you see, those kids are not being exploited. Again, this goes back to the media and the way people look at things. A Democrat president would never exploit kids. Only the NRA would exploit kids in reacting to kids being exploited. It’s the narrative. There’s no Democrat that would ever do anything bad!

There’s no Democrat that ever has any mean-spiritedness or wants to hurt anybody, whereas the Republicans, that’s all they do. I’m just saying, if he keeps going with the way he’s going, he’s gonna be challenging Hillary the a Democrat primary in 2016. (interruption) I know, I’ll hear about that. Again, another foray into subtle humor, but even among my staff I had to repeat it four times before they understood what I was saying. (interruption) Low-information staff is exactly right on this. I mean, you’ve been watching me here for ten minutes.

It’s the fourth time I used the line and it took me four times before you thought I was screwing up. You thought I misspoke. “Wait a minute, you said the ‘Democrat’ primary?” You’re scratching your heads. Have you forgotten the presidential embrace on the beach in New Jersey? Have you forgotten the one week before the presidential election?



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