Christie: NJ ‘Will Never Stand Silent’ When It Needs Federal Cash


Publicity hound New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (D-NJ) gave his State of the State address yesterday evening. In it, he said that the state’s rebuilding effort in the wake of Hurricane Sandy made it a “model” for how government ought to operate. “You have helped define New Jersey as a community, one which — when faced with adversity — rolls up its sleeves, gets back to work, and in word and deed shows that New Jersey will never, ever give up,” Christie pontificated. “One thing I hope everyone in America now clearly understands – New Jersey, both Republicans and Democrats, will never stand silent when our citizens are being shortchanged.”

If this is how government is supposed to work – states whining to the feds when the cash doesn’t flow fast enough – then Newark, we have a problem. Christie has generated tremendous political capital from Sandy, be it kowtowing to President Obama just before the election in order to stave off future challenges from Newark Mayor Corey Booker, or traveling to Capitol Hill too late to get anything done, but just in time to grandstand.

Christie has quickly replaced Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as the Republican the leftist media loves most. He’s focused most of his ire on a Republican Congress for failing to pass a bill, despite the fact that it is Democrats who ladled pork into the bill, making it unpassable.



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