Choose Your Own Crime Stats


This is an excellent, simple little video that backs up what has been discussed at Independent Journal Review before: despite all appeals to emotion, gun control laws do not reduce crime.

If conservatives want to persuade more people to their side, they should get hipster-looking data nerds to do informational videos like the one above, just to get the Starbucks set to think twice before shooting off their mouths about things they know little about. It is doubtful that many faux-sophisticated progressives, for example, know that hammers (and other blunt objects) are involved in more homicides each year than rifles.

It is also doubtful the commentator in the video above is a conservative, but more like a rational moderate. One could take serious qualms with the fairly socialistic argument that poverty causes crime. As was recently pointed out a while back on The New Republic, and it certainly still holds true — crime rates across the board are down, despite a deepening recession and record poverty.



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