Chicago Teachers Union Prez: Kill the Rich


This is what we’re up against. This, years ago, we’d laugh at it. I would sit here and think, boy, nobody’s gonna believe… Not that nobody’s gonna believe it. Everybody’s gonna see this for the insanity that it is, or for the extremism that it is. I was wrong. People eat it up! They fall right in line. “They think nothing about killing us,” the rich, owners of factories. And now, owners of football teams, who, if they could have gotten away with it, would have allowed RGIII to die in that game on Sunday! They knew he was hurt, but they put him out there anyway.

They knew he could barely walk, but they put him out there anyway. They don’t care. They’re killing us. Lethal working conditions? Job creators. It’s a lie. “[W]hy have we lost so many jobs?” Now, you and I know exactly why we’ve lost so many jobs. The reason we’ve lost so many jobs is because of the policies of the federal government over the years, and policies that have been put in place and exacerbated by Obama. But there’s the no way that Karen Lewis thinks that, and there’s no way the people in her audience think that.

You know what has been successfully engineered here?

A lot of people in the middle class think they were once rich. But that when they weren’t looking, the rich came along and stole what they had, and that’s how the rich got rich. Don’t pooh-pooh it. There are a lot of people who actually believe it, just as people like Samuel L. Jackson or Jamie Foxx or the Reverend Sharpton are able to persuade blacks today that there is still slavery, so there are people in the lower middle class who think they once had a lot of money and that they lost it. One day when they weren’t looking the rich came along and took it, and that’s how the rich got rich.

The rich are hoarding it all, and the rich don’t want to share it or give any back.

So we’ve gotta legislate it or take it or what have you.

And Obama is winning on that basis.



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