Wealth in Washington, DC has surged to the highest median income in the United States, surpassing even tech mecca Silicon Valley, California.

With a median household income of $119,134, the Census Bureau reports that Loudoun County, Virginia now occupies the number one spot for the highest median U.S. income. The number two position belongs to Fairfax County, Virginia at $105,797. Arlington, Virginia comes in third at $100,735.

In fact, seven of the ten counties with the highest household incomes are in the Washington region.

These and other eye-opening facts are evidence of a new Washington “aristocracy” where wealth accumulation comes not from producing goods but from bloated government, said Government Accountability Institute President and Co-founder Peter Schweizer and Breitbart News Executive Chairman and GAI Co-Founder Stephen K. Bannon in a “Boomtown” one-hour Hannity special Friday night.

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