BOOMTOWN: Washington Passes Silicon Valley for Highest Median Income in U.S.


Wealth in Washington, DC has surged to the highest median income in the United States, surpassing even tech mecca Silicon Valley, California.

With a median household income of $119,134, the Census Bureau reports that Loudoun County, Virginia now occupies the number one spot for the highest median U.S. income. The number two position belongs to Fairfax County, Virginia at $105,797. Arlington, Virginia comes in third at $100,735.

In fact, seven of the ten counties with the highest household incomes are in the Washington region.

These and other eye-opening facts are evidence of a new Washington “aristocracy” where wealth accumulation comes not from producing goods but from bloated government, said Government Accountability Institute President and Co-founder Peter Schweizer and Breitbart News Executive Chairman and GAI Co-Founder Stephen K. Bannon in a “Boomtown” one-hour Hannity special Friday night.



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