Boehner Can’t Get Majority of GOP to Back Deal


American Majority Action, the conservative group that’s leading the charge against House Speaker John Boehner continuing in his current position, said Monday evening that Boehner doesn’t have at least 50 percent of his House GOP members’ support for the fiscal cliff deal that Senate leaders and the White House have reportedly cut.

The deal, between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden, reportedly raises spending and hikes taxes on all Americans making more than $450,000. According to AMA, it raises spending by delaying sequester budget cuts.

In an email to reporters late Monday, AMA spokesman Ron Meyer said he’s “heard directly from senior GOP conservative members in the House that Speaker Boehner does not have a majority of support from the GOP caucus–not even close.”

“These sources tell me Boehner has indicated he won’t bring up a plan without 50% GOP support,” Meyer said. “The McConnell-Biden compromise does not meet that threshold.”



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