Amnesty for Illegal Gun Owners?


I wonder, with all these new gun laws, you know what we’re gonna end up with? Let me make a prediction. Are you enjoying this monologue, Mr. Snerdley? Okay. Do you realize what I’ve been talking about all week? Do you know how many people on the left listening to this do not understand one syllable of the humor, who are totally clueless and are out there just getting incensed? I guarantee you, they are getting incensed. They don’t see the humor. Such as, you know, we’re going to have massive registration of gun owners. I mean, the objective here on the part of the regime is to have every gun owner documented. Which means, you know, nothing always works exactly as planned. We’re gonna end up with undocumented gun owners.

And my question is, will the undocumented gun owners get free health care and in-state tuition? Earned income tax credits? Maybe even some Fast and Furious guns, ’cause we are gonna have undocumented gun owners. There’s no question about it.



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