A Cheap Shot From Sotomayor


I just watched the 60 Minutes puff piece on Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Scott Pelley asked Sotomayor if anyone resented her getting a hand up via affirmative action. Sotomayor spoke of a school nurse who asked her why she was being considered for Princeton when the top two ranking students were not being considered. Sotomayor said, “But from the tone of her question I understood that she thought there was something wrong with them looking at me and not looking at those two other students.”

Well, Sotomayor is assuming (as is Pelley) that the school nurse was motivated by Sotomayor’s racial heritage. Isn’t it reasonable to ask why Sotomayor was admitted to Princeton when the top two students were not admitted? Towards the end of the interview, Sotomayor again made reference to the school nurse. “And the memory of it has never really left me. Because it is the look that so many people give you. It’s the look I was still receiving when I was nominated to the Supreme Court.”, said Sotomayor.



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