Will Boehner Survive as Speaker — and What Happens Next on the Fiscal Cliff?


Now, look, folks, there is talk that Congress could be called back into session next Thursday. You know, Boehner sent everybody home for Christmas, and that’s what they wanted. These guys wanted outta town. They got outta town. I still maintain it’s a good thing Plan B went down, but you understand that it was never close. It was never close, and no matter what comes out of there, the media and Obama are gonna blame the Republicans.

In that circumstance I always fall back on, “Just do the right thing.” Hang in on your identity, your principles and so forth, because you really can’t go wrong doing that. Whatever happens down the road, you’ve always got that to fall back on. If you compromise your principles, it’s tough to get your credibility back on that kind of thing. Now, if they’re called back on Thursday, that’s the second day of Kwanzaa.

Is nothing sacred?

You know, Nancy Pelosi has already talked about the fact that Kwanzaa shoppers are not acknowledged and don’t have enough of a… a… What did she say? They’re not afforded enough respect. We have Christmas shopping and all this, but Kwanzaa shoppers somehow get the short end of the stick. So here’s Boehner possibly calling Congress back into session on the second day of Kwanzaa, and you’re gonna have people saying, “Is nothing sacred?”

There are a number of things here to be considered.



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