Why Should Anyone Have to Pay for Food?


Somebody in a position of power and influence is going to pipe up and start criticizing the idea that there is profit in medicine. Why should doctors earn so much money? Why should there be such profit in making people well? Why should it cost so much so that doctors can get so rich simply healing people? We are entitled to good health. We’re entitled to lawyers. We’re entitled to health care. Why should being healthy or being healed make people rich? I can just see that coming. You know it’s coming. There are already people who think it, and you know who they are. So with that prediction in mind, listen to this story.

“More than 100 people filled a Baptist church hall Monday night, angry, frustrated and insulted that Kroger will soon pull its two grocery stores out of Southeast Raleigh, stranding many elderly residents who walk to shop. They criticized the Ohio-based chain for shuttering the groceries on Martin Luther King Boulevard and New Bern Avenue without notice.” I’m told they did have two months notice, but the story in the newspaper says there was no notice. “‘It’s a slap in the face at Southeast Raleigh,’ said City Councilman Eugene Weeks, speaking at Martin Street Baptist Church. ‘It’s a slap in the face of our community.'”

Now, why is Kroger closing the two stores? Anybody want to hazard a guess? Mr. Snerdley, the official program observer, why do you think Kroger’s is closing these two stores? Okay, Snerdley says, “Probably lack of revenue,” which would mean no profit. Or maybe even they be losing money, and maybe it’s a crime area. I don’t know about that, but I would certainly say that they’re closing these two stores because there’s no profit in it, that there’s no financial reason to keep them open. Well, can you just hear the next question, “Why should there be profit in people who sell food?” We all have to eat. We cannot live without eating. Why should people make money off of people who have no choice but than to eat? Why should food cost anything? And if that’s too extreme, why should food cost any more than what it costs to produce it?

There is an ever increasing percentage of our population that is being conditioned to think this way. They are being taught to think this. Because profit is under assault at every level of our education system, and especially in higher education, such as universities and academe. Profit is under assault. Profit is evil. Profit is exploitation. Profit is taking advantage of people. Profit is obscene. I give you Big Oil. For how many decades of your life has Big Oil been under attack because of the profit that they earn?



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