What’s at Stake in Michigan Union Fight: The Democrat Money-Laundering Operation


I want people to understand this, because it’s key to understanding what’s going on with the right-to-work. The stimulus is the greatest example. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, here are the real numbers. State public sector jobs benefited the most from the stimulus, the Obama stimulus. The date of this story is October 13th, 2009.

Seventy-five percent of 8,000 stimulus related jobs accounted for so far, back on October 13, 2009, were public sector jobs protected by the federal infusion by the stimulus into state and local government coffers. That number comes from the governor’s office. The jobs protected included teachers, cops, and other government workers. Of the remaining 25% it’s not clear how many were private sector jobs. That 75% number could be even higher. So here’s how it works, and this is key to understand it. Obama just can’t go to the Treasury and write himself a check. Obama took the occasion, took the opportunity of an economic downturn, took advantage of his honeymoon period, first black president, the karma, the aura, the excitement of a new presidency to basically defraud the American people.

We’re gonna stimulate the economy. We’re gonna grow jobs. We’re gonna create jobs, shovel-ready jobs, repair schools, roads, bridges, all that gunk, and everybody was all gung-ho. In fact, everybody loved Obama. He couldn’t do anything wrong. He was a messiah. Whatever you wanted him to be, he was. And all he was doing was giving money to himself and his party. That’s what the stimulus was. I don’t say this with animus. I’m simply pointing it out. It’s exactly what happened. Wisconsin is just one state. Minimum 75% of the stimulus went to protect existing union jobs. And all of those union jobs are dues paying, and it’s crucial to remember where the dues go. That’s the money laundering. Money from the Treasury to save jobs, to create jobs, whatever the sales pitch was, ends up protecting existing private and public sector union jobs.

Not creating new ones, as we know there weren’t any new ones created. Those dues-paying union members were not laid off in this down economy. They were not fired. Their jobs weren’t eliminated. They were saved. They were protected. In fact, there was a second stimulus, if you recall, for California, 25 or $30 billion. The stated purpose was to hire more teachers. That’s not what they did with the money. They took that stimulus money and they put it into the pension and health care funds of existing teacher employees, keeping them employed, keeping their pensions solid or as close to solid as they could. But as they were kept employed, they continued to pay dues, and the dues either ended up back in the Democrat Party or used in advertising to elect Democrats.



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