What the GOP Should Do: Propose Clinton Tax Rates and Clinton Spending Levels

Norah O’Donnell gets it, too. “You know, I’m beginning to think the Democrats won’t cut entitlements.” Somebody sign her up and run for the Senate as a Republican. We need somebody who can think like this in our party. Honestly, folks, I know what the thinking is now. I studied it. I still don’t understand it. But there are Republicans, there are media people, Republican conservative media people who really believe that if we cave, if Boehner gives Obama what he wants on taxes, increases on the rich, that the media will then go to Obama and say, “Okay, the Republicans have done their part, and now it’s your turn. You have to cut entitlements.” We have people on our side who honestly, seriously believe that.

And here’s Norah O’Donnell this morning on CBS, “I’m beginning to think the Democrats won’t cut entitlements.” Beginning to think they won’t? Can somebody find for me any evidence at all the Democrats are going to cut entitlements? There isn’t any. I’m sorry if I keep repeating this and I’m getting blue in the face. There is no common ground here. The Democrats do not want entitlements cut. They want them expanded. They want to spend more money shoring up entitlements. They want more people dependent on them.

If the Republicans think that there is common ground to be reached here, they are sadly outclassed and mistaken. There isn’t any common ground. There’s no place for a bipartisan agreement. This is like the Israeli-Palestinian fight. There’s only one outcome. Well, two. Perpetual, ongoing arguments and disagreements, or one side loses, is either defeated or caves in. But there isn’t any common ground here. And Norah O’Donnell, “I’m beginning to think the Democrats aren’t gonna cut entitlements.” Who in the world ever did?



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