We Need Lunatic Control


I’ll tell you something. I did wonder if fear of economic collapse might have played a role in this. Maybe with the kid, but his mother clearly was a Prepper. His mother was hoarding things — ammo, food. His mother believed in this last days. I don’t know specifically about the Mayan thing this Friday, but she clearly believed that we didn’t have a whole lot of time left, and so she was preparing. She was a survivalist.

I think she thought she could survive it. She was hoarding things that she thought would be necessary, and she was teaching the kids how to use the guns. She took this kid with her to target practice. Again, I don’t know if that’s true. I’m sorry, folks. I’m repeating things that could very well just be not true. It’s in the media. I don’t know. I have to catch myself, ’cause every… (interruption)

Well, that’s right.

It was the British press, so it may have some factual basis. Let’s play it out. If Adam Lanza’s mother was stockpiling weapons because she was convinced the economy was going to collapse, and if her son was mentality disabled and fearing a tax increase… (interruption) Well, I’m just bouncing off what the White House press secretary said. If Adam Lanza is listening to his mother and is convinced the economy is gonna collapse and the burden on his family is gonna go up tax-wise because of the Republicans…

You know what the biggest killer of innocent people ever devised in the world is? The biggest killer of innocent people ever devised is poverty, which can be brought about by communism/socialism. Poverty. Now, do we have people among us advocating policies which perpetuate and create even more poverty? We do, don’t we? Yes, we do. Poverty is a lethal weapon, and we have policies in place to expand it right now.



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