We Make Liberal Brains Begin to Think


A generation is usually counted as 25 years, and we’re in danger of losing a generation. If Obama succeeds in this effort to transform this country, then people who are currently in their teenage years are gonna grow up thinking that Obama and Obamaism is the answer to problems. Whether it is or not is not gonna matter. They’re going to grow up thinking that.

They’re gonna grow up thinking that at least Obama tried, at least Obama cared, at least Obama recognized and tried to fix what was wrong. And he made it fairer, and he tried to make sure that the Haves had not as much and not more than they needed and so forth. People have been facing this for a generation as it is. People are being taught this in kindergarten and grade school into elementary and so forth. They grow up thinking this stuff, and it becomes part of their being, and changing their minds becomes a very difficult thing to do. It takes a special leader to be able to change people’s minds.



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