Watered-Down Conservatism is Unattractive

The Republican Party equals “conservatism” in people’s minds. So when the Republican Party waters it down and it’s just a bunch of quivering Jell-O moderation that is called “conservatism,” that’s not attractive to anybody. And then further, you have real conservatives who are still holding out.

They are then called extremist, nutcase wackos. And it has contributed to the branding or marketing problem that exists. But I’ll you take it back to 2000. I’ll tell you, folks, in case you’ve forgotten. One of the reasons that George W. Bush was lapping the field… He came out of nowhere if you recall.
George W. Bush was the governor of Texas, but back then everybody thought that the next Bush to be president would be Jeb.

Jeb was the governor of Florida. He was considered to be very conservative and so forth. And then George W. comes out of nowhere, and the way he did it was fundraising. Bush was raising money like nobody. There was shock and surprise. People were scratching their heads. “How’s this happening? This guy’s not even on our radar.” But he and Rove had come up with a massive fundraising operation.

It started when he was Texas governor, and it left everybody in the dust — and by the time we got around to the primaries, Bush was a fait accompli. And, by the way, he was campaigning as a conservative in the early stages of the Republican primary. It wasn’t until later that he started throwing in this “compassionate conservatism” line.

I think he was out West somewhere when he said, “We don’t want to balance the budgets on the backs of the poor.” This is what our first caller’s referring to. We start watering it down. There was a lot of outrage over that, but by that time Bush had secured things. But it was the money that he was raising. Much like Romney, by the way. It was the money. You can’t compete with it. If you don’t have it, there’s nothing you can do. Very little.



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