There’s No Common Ground on the Cliff

As to the fiscal cliff, folks, do you realize in all…? If you strip it all down, there is no common ground between the Republicans and the Democrats. There isn’t one shred of common ground, not an acre. What do the Republicans want? The Republicans want to reform the entitlement system. Why? So that the government doesn’t require as much money, so that the government does not take as much money out of the private sector.

They want to reform entitlements because we don’t have the money for it. We’re in debt. The Democrats want more money so that the entitlement system doesn’t have to be reformed. They don’t want any reform of the entitlement programs. The only reform they want is more money. They don’t want any reduction in spending. They don’t want any changes in the entitlement structure.

They want more money to maintain it and to grow it. The Republicans want to reform entitlements, which means stop spending. There is no common ground. There is no way to come to an agreement. The only thing that can happen is for one side to cave in. That’s the only way there’s gonna be an agreement. This is not one of those things where if one side gives and another side gives and we have common ground.



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