The World According to an Obama Voter

CALLER: I know you are a distinguished professor of advanced conservative studies, and I know that you can give me an intellectually honest answer to a couple questions I have. One, you know the electorate still blames Bush for the economy.

RUSH: Well, of the people who voted, a majority blame Bush.

CALLER: Correct. In your opinion, when did Obama’s policies kick in and Bush’s policies were not affecting the economy anymore? When did this exactly become Obama’s economy? Because, you know, when he took office… (cell garbled)

RUSH: That’d be about six weeks after he took office.

CALLER: Six weeks.

RUSH: Yeah. That’s when he passed the stimulus. Bush never did anything like that. The stimulus, then the various tax increases. I think Obama owned the economy within actually a month.

CALLER: Within a month, all of Bush’s affect should have been out the door?

RUSH: In fact, there’s so much… They’re trying to tell us today that the Bush economy let to the recession, created the recession and all that and the economic collapse in 2008. That wasn’t Bush. That was the subprime mortgage problem that came due. That’s when the excrement hit the fan. Bush actually tried to prevent that from happening. No, look, the Bush people never defended themselves; I don’t know why I am.

But they never defended themselves. But that economic collapse, the seeds were sown during the Bill Clinton era. That economic collapse was a the Democrat Party recipe. Now, the Republicans helped because in the second term of Bush there was — there was incredible federal spending, but the idea that Obama’s policies had no impact whatsoever on this economy for his entire first term is absurd.



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