The NFL’s Real Problem is the Wheel

Ladies and gentlemen, a serious sociological question. Should the National Football League ban the automobile? Should the National Football League request that all of its players turn in their automobiles? I ask this seriously. It was two weeks ago that Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and committed suicide with a gun. And there was an immediate outcry on NBC and elsewhere that guns are the problem and that we need to get rid of guns. I submit to you if you’re really serious about saving lives, ban the wheel.

The statistics are not even close. The number of people killed because of the wheel, the invention of the wheel, which now has become a tire in the case of automobiles, but the invention of the wheel has led to the death of millions of people all over the world, billions, in fact. The numbers of people killed by wheels or because of wheels dwarf the number of people murdered or accidentally killed by guns. It’s not even close, folks. And yet there isn’t any sentiment whatsoever to banning the wheel or the automobile, is there? No, of course not. And I’m not suggesting that there should be. But if you take the logic of the left, it’s the gun that kills people. Well, it’s the automobile that kills more. And you don’t need to be armed in an automobile to have somebody die as a result of your use of the automobile.

Now, I make this point only to show that the leftist arguments against guns have nothing really to do with death, and they have nothing to do with risk or danger. I mean, the left wants you to think that every life is precious in their view, and this is just unfortunate and so sad. If they really cared all that much, they’d be leading the cause to ban the car, but of course it’s impractical, they all drive cars. They all get from point A to point B with cars. Airplanes couldn’t land without wheels. It’s, of course, absurd. But so is the argument that banning guns, I mean, if you use their rationale you’d have to say the wheel and the car should be banned long before you’d talk about banning guns.



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