The Left Won’t Allow Facts to Get in the Way of Their Agenda


The deadliest school attack in this country — deadliest school attack in American history — was in 1927. That was the Bath School murders. Thirty-eight children and seven adults were killed, including the killer himself. Oh. He didn’t use guns. He used dynamite. That’s right. No guns were used in the deadliest school attack in American history. But some people would say, “Well, wait a minute, Rush. What about Waco? Waco holds the record.”

Yeah, that wasn’t technically a school. But at Waco, 74 men, women, and children died (including 12 children under the age of five). That, by the way, did involve guns. In fact: Government guns, tanks and flamethrowers, and a number of other things. It was the attorney general, Janet Reno. Yeah, 1927 was the deadliest school attack. I know this doesn’t matter because…

(New Castrati impression) “Come on, Mr. Limbaugh! None of us were alive in 1927. You’re just trying to divert people’s…”

No, no. I always like to try to bring perspective to things. Everybody… See, I have this belief. Everybody thinks that history began when they were born. Everybody’s historical perspective begins the day that they were born, and everybody thinks they’re living in the last days. Not everybody, but every generation has people that think it’s over. Every generation, from beginning of time, has people who believe we are in the last days

Whether biblically or otherwise. So if you can point to a time in American history when it was worse than it was today, just to keep a little perspective, that helps. But no, no, no, no. “This is the worst!” Because there’s a political agenda that has to be advanced. So we’re not gonna talk about 1927, we’re not talk about dynamite, we’re not gonna talk about Waco, ’cause that doesn’t help the agenda. And don’t discount the importance of the agenda.



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