Slipping Back Into Pagan Nature Worship?

I must share this excellent article written by my friend, Professor Dr. Cal Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance. He writes,

“Is There Hope for a World Slipping Back into Pagan Nature Worship?”

“Some of today’s environmental movement is clearly a revival of ancient pagan nature worship, exemplified in this video of Earth First members crying out, speaking not only of but to trees, and referring to the forest as a “tabernacle.”

Isaiah 1:29–31 contains a sobering warning for those who worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25).

Speaking of the idolatrous people of Judah and Jerusalem shortly before God sent them into exile in Babylon, the prophet Isaiah said, “… they [their rulers] shall be ashamed of the oaks that you [the common people] desired; and you shall blush for the gardens that you have chosen. For you shall be like an oak whose leaf withers, and like a garden without water. And the strong shall become tinder, and his work a spark, and both of them shall burn together, with none to quench them.”



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