Rubio Attempts to Make the Case


Marco Rubio was on Hannity last night, and he explained why tax cuts on the rich don’t help anybody. He’s one of few Republicans talking like this, which is why he’s become a target, by the way, of the Obama left. Hannity said to him, “What’s wrong with making the case that the Republicans are the party against generational theft? It’s a winning issue for any party that makes that case.”

Now, see, the problem with that is: What low-information voter even knows what “generational theft” is? The way you would have to ask this question is this. You got Rubio on, and you say, “Well, Senator, explain to me why it is that raising taxes on the Kardashians or on Snooki isn’t gonna help anybody.” Then you say, “All raising taxes on Snooki is gonna do is take money away from her new baby.”

Because we don’t know about Snooki’s husband. We haven’t ever heard anything about him. “So, Senator, why is raising taxes on the Kardashians or on Snooki not gonna help anybody?” That way you avoid the whole term “generational theft.” Who knows what this is, you know, amongst low-information voters? It’s not complicated. This may be the way that we have to phrase these questions.



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