Watching Congressional Republicans participate in “fiscal cliff” negotiations resembles 10-year old boys playing a pick-up, tackle football game where the quarterback says “everyone go out.” However, this is an unfair comparison in some ways – the kids in the park seem to have a more coherent strategy.

Congressional Republicans are getting their hat handed to them. Not only are they flailing away in pushing forward a concise, strong, common-sense message, but they are also countering Obama’s tax increase plan with the timidity of a beaten man. It’s embarrassing and bad for working men and women.

We keep hearing that Republicans are a minority party, but that designation overlooks a salient fact: Republicans control the U.S. House, Republicans have 45 U.S. Senators and Republicans have a majority of governorships. We have numbers, we have resources, we have a platform and we simply aren’t using the tools effectively.

For us to effectively win these negotiations, we need to face some facts: President Obama and his crew are hell bent on raising taxes on those who make $250,000 or more a year. He campaigned on it. He was re-elected. It is his only real proposal and a majority of Americans support raising taxes on top earners. We have currently lost this policy battle.