Rep. Amash: ‘Hypocritical’ for Boehner to Keep Conservative Purge Criteria Secret

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash told Breitbart News that it’s “hypocritical” for House Speaker John Boehner to criticize President Barack Obama over his administration’s lack of transparency while keeping the secret list of criteria used in his conservative purge from the American people.

“It’s always hypocritical to criticize someone else for not being transparent and then hide your own information when it’s something that should be released to the public,” Amash said in a phone interview. “This certainly is something that should be released to the public. Republican leadership was elected to represent the Republican conference. Voters throughout the country elect these Republican members. We get to choose our leadership. And we have the right to know who our leadership is. What do they stand for?”

Breitbart News first reported last week that Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Whip Kevin McCarthy used a secret list of criteria – likely including some kind of a vote scorecard – to conduct their purge of House conservatives from committees on which they’d be able to affect fiscal policy. Representatives for each member of leadership refuse to discuss the details of such a list on the record with press – but Boehner spokesman Michael Steel wouldn’t publicly dispute its existence given multiple opportunities to do so.



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