Lost in our objective, unbiased, and non-partisan media’s zeal to mock the National Rifle Association’s proposal to guard our public schools is the fact that, in a Gallup poll taken Wednesday, a majority of 53% of Americans expressed their support for doing exactly what the NRA’s proposing – increasing police presence at schools.

Only 42% support an assault weapons ban.

Almost as many people (34%) thought that at least one school official in every school should carry a gun as those who favored banning the sale of assault and semi-automatic guns, while 27% felt that the news media should not print or read the names of the shooter. The news blackout of the shooter drew the highest percentage of those who thought it would be ineffective, at 40%, but the gun ban was a close second in the ineffectiveness rating at 36%.

What also becomes clear from the poll is the public’s perception that all of the solutions offered would be fruitless, as 53% was the highest positive rating of any of the remedies.

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