Palin: ‘What Goes Beyond Socialism … Is Communism’

A brand new Gallup poll only re-confirms our fears about where the country is headed. And it might be downright scary to you when asked if they react positively or negatively to the word socialism staggering 53 percent of Democrats said, well, they react positively. Well, only 23 percent of Republicans did. Now, that is a 30 point difference. And on the flip side, when they were asked how they react to the word capitalism, 72 percent of Republicans felt positively about the term. Only, 55 percent of Democrats said, they did.

And the results of the next poll should not come as a surprise. Seventy five percent of Democrats feel positively about the term the federal government. Only 27 percent of Republicans do. So in other words, the left puts the federal government ahead of capitalism, freedom, liberty, some very telling numbers.

Here with reaction, former Alaska Governor, FOX News contributor Sarah Palin. Governor, your reaction to that. Do you think that shows the country has shifted?

SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, hopefully people realize what Margaret Thatcher had explained. That the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money. But I think what the survey represents, Sean is perhaps some survey recipients who answered the question are confusing dirty crony capitalism with genuine free market capitalism which is the good kind of capitalism. You know, we’ve shown a bright light on the problems caused by crony capitalism in recent months and in the last year or two. And I think that perhaps capitalism in general has taken a hit because of this new public awareness because of that light that’s been shown on crony capitalism. And perhaps, people are believing that capitalism in general isn’t such a good thing. Of course, that’s a mistake to believe that.



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