Obama’s Big Tax Lie to the American People


But the whole debate is about “fairness.” I think it was Charlie Gibson interviewing Obama in the 2008 campaign on this. Charlie Gibson read Obama some statistics in the capital gains rate. (paraphrased exchange) He said, “Are you aware that when Bush 43 lowered the capital gains rate, an unexpected amount of new revenue flowed into the Treasury?”

Obama said, “Yeah, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about fairness, Charlie.” He said, “I don’t think a 15% tax rate’s fair on people who make investments and have enough money to buy stocks. I don’t think 15% is fair.” Gibson said, “But lowering the capital gains rate from 25% to 15% caused more money to come to Washington. It reduced the deficit. It gave Washington more money to do things.”

It wasn’t about that, Obama said. “It’s about fairness to me.” So is taxing the rich. He’s playing the classy-envy game. Obama wants Americans at war with each other. What President Obama wants — and I’m not exaggerating at all here, Chris. What Obama and the Democrats want is for middle-income Americans to think that the only reason they’re not rich is that the rich have taken from them. They are being made to believe that higher taxes on the rich will mean more money comes to them.

That’s the lie that’s being peddled. The lie that’s being peddled is, “The rich only got rich by taking it from other people.” There’s no talk about them earning it. There isn’t any talk about hard work. There is only the talk about how unfair it is that the rich have what they have. It’s immoral. So Obama is gonna go level the playing field. He’s gonna take it away from these people who have it unfairly, and implicit in that is the inference he wants people to draw that the only reason they’re not rich is that other people are.



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