Obama Wants to Tax the Rich for Revenge

Folks, we’re gonna have to realize, to you and me it’s a disaster, but to a majority of people who voted in the country, it isn’t. Some people want to make sure that everybody realizes that the way the country’s being run now is or will become a disaster. One of the ways of illustrating that for these guys — and, by the way, it’s a growing sentiment. I have done some research, and there are people out there, “Let’s just cave and raise taxes on the rich.” The theory is, make the rich elitist liberals pay a price for voting for Obama.

That’s the theory. On paper it sounds good. Tax Warren Buffett, tax all these Hollywood people, make ’em pay for it. There are two things, however, that need to be said. I understand, as I say, the energy, passion, sentiment behind that, but once, folks, you do that, how do you get that back? I don’t care whose money you take away, once you start down that road, do you think government’s ever gonna give it back, I mean in your lifetime? One of the things that the left has always done, the Democrats have always done, is secure votes by making their voters think that we are gonna be punished. Raising taxes on the rich, for example, is exactly the example.

So Obama and the Democrats say they’re gonna raise taxes on the rich, and union workers, middle class, lower middle class Democrats say, “Yeah, yeah, you show ’em.” Their lives don’t change, their taxes don’t change, their income doesn’t go up just because you raise taxes on the rich. In fact, the more you do that, the worse off the little guy is gonna be. But the little guy nevertheless is happy. The Democrat Party’s made up of a bunch of people who are made happy via the suffering of others. Not improvement in their own lives, but with the suffering of others.



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