President Obama opened his heart about the Newtown shooting massacre today, candidly telling NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ during a televised morning interview that the tragedy represented the, ‘worst day of my presidency.’

‘The question (sic) becomes whether we are actually shook up enough by what happened here that it does not just become another one of these routine episodes where it gets a lot of attention for a couple of weeks and then drifts away,’ the president told host, David Gregory. ‘It certainly won’t feel like that to me.

‘This is something that, you know, that was the worst day of my presidency. And it’s not something that I want to see repeated.’

Obama book ended his revelation with vows to put his ‘full weight’ behind the push for new gun control legislation aimed at avoiding another massacre of the like that robbed 20 first graders’ – and six adults – of the their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14.

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