Obama Seeks to Permanently Eliminate Republican Opposition in Fiscal Cliff Deal


What’s going on in the fiscal cliff argument is very simple. Barack Obama wants the Republican Party to essentially destroy itself. Of all things, when you think of the Republican Party, what do you think of in terms of what it stands for? Tax cuts for everybody. The Republican Party stands for you keeping more of what you earn. The Republican Party stands for — well, at least it used to, but the image of the Republican Party’s tax cuts. Certainly not tax increases.

What Obama is attempting, in the fiscal cliff deal, is to get John Boehner and therefore all Republicans to confess. If he can get the Republicans to raise taxes on the rich, then Obama feels he is helping the Republicans destroy their brand, destroy how it is that they’re known and understood. And in the process, what are we talking about? The fiscal cliff, what’s that? We’re trying to save the country. What Obama wants is for the Republicans to agree that tax cuts, from Reagan forward to Bush, created the current climate.

The recession is because the rich didn’t pay their fair share. In fact, the entire situation of economic inequality is because the rich haven’t paid their fair share. They want the Republicans, by agreeing to raise taxes on the rich, to essentially confess that it’s been tax cuts, low taxes on the rich that explain the economic calamity. Not liberalism. Not wanton federal spending. Not socialism. Not Obama. Not the Democrats. Not entitlements. Not spending. No, none of that’s to blame. Those are all the fixes, you see. All the Democrat policies are how we save America from what the Republicans believe in: tax cuts for the rich.

At the end of this, if Obama gets his dream fulfilled, the Republican… Again, Boehner’s not gonna call a press conference and say, “I give in! I confess! We’re guilty.” That’s not what… Nobody’s gonna have that happen. Obama’s gonna be able to say it. The media will be able to say it. “Republicans acknowledge tax cuts are to blame for your home value being underwater! Tax cuts are the reason you don’t have a job!



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