Obama Seeks Confession from GOP

Bush instituted tax cuts twice, 2001 and 2003, that we couldn’t afford. So at the end of the day… You know, Obama spent four years blaming George W. Bush. We all laughed. We all said, “Man up.” We all said, “Come on, man. You’ve added $6 trillion all by yourself! This is not leadership. This is not even manly. This is not even manhood. This isn’t even courageous. To sit around and blame your predecessor?”

Well, not only did he do it, but a majority of voters also blamed George Bush. We saw it in the polls. So what I think Obama is aiming for is, essentially, a confession from the Republicans that this is their fault. And in getting it, in getting that confession, Obama seeks to ensure that there will never, ever be tax cuts again. “Because look what they led to.” And when or if the Republicans concede, that will be the story.

The seeds have been planted. The sprouts are growing and they’re soon to bloom. “Bush did it! Bush and the Republicans did this.” From the Founders to Bush, they did this. This country was founded improper and unjustly and immorally and unfairly, and we’ve finally reach a tipping point where those guys couldn’t live off their illusion. These 230 years have been a mistake, and now we’re fixing it.

And at the end of all this, the Republicans will end up admitting that President Obama is right. Now, Boehner’s not gonna call a press conference and say any of this. That’s not going to happen. He won’t have to. The media will take care of this for Obama. A confession: “Republicans admit that if there had been higher taxes for the past decade, there wouldn’t be a deficit, and the national debt would not have grown. The budget would have been balanced.

“In fact, we’d still have a surplus! We would still have the Clinton surplus, if Bush hadn’t cut those taxes. Tax cuts are to blame.” That will be the single lesson learned when this is over: “Tax cuts caused this,” and 98% of the American people will be told that tax cuts for 2% caused this, and they will accept that. They will believe that. So that down the road, the next time… What is the Republican Party singularly known for? Cutting taxes.



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