Obama Runs Rings Around the Republicans on Tax “Cuts” and “Loopholes”

Now, Obama. Let’s go to top of the audio sound bites. Remember yesterday, a long dissertation in the first hour about what really is going on with the fiscal cliff, and that the real target here is the Republicans, particularly the Republicans in the House, but the Republican Party writ large, Obama is simply trying to decimate it. He is desperate to get Boehner to sign off on raising taxes on the rich. That’s ball game for Obama. If he can get that, he gets a confession. What Obama wants is a confession, an admission from the Republicans that as it was tax cuts that led to all the problems that we’re having. That’s what he wants.

From now ’til the end of time he wants that to be economic and political science history that is taught to every young skull full of mush. The Reagan tax cuts, the Bush tax cuts in 2001, 2003, that’s why you don’t have a house; that’s why you don’t have a job; that’s why your savings are depleted; that’s why we’re in an economic mess, is because the rich haven’t been paying everything they should. It had nothing to do with spending. It has nothing to do with entitlements. It has nothing to do about anything government’s doing. It’s the rich have been given an unfair shake by virtue of being allowed to keep much more than they need, much more than they want, much more than they deserve. And so that is the focus.



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