Obama Named TIME Person of the Year Because He Symbolizes the New, Low-Information America


Okay. So it just happened again. I’m telling you: I don’t care what I read; I don’t care what I hear. It’s all wrong. No matter where I go. Sports page, business page, my tech blogs. (My beloved tech blogs.) A couple of them were just absolutely reprehensibly bad. Obama just now. (paraphrased) “You know, in this deal, what the Republicans are gonna have to do is take me out of the equation, ’cause really their problem is they just don’t want me to win.

“They gotta start putting the people of this country first. They gotta take me out of the equation. The biggest problem in these negotiations is that they’re talking to me. They don’t like me so much, they don’t want me to win so much, that they’re willing to screw the country or something.” Those are not his exact words, but he said, “Look, they’re getting everything they want. They’re getting $2 trillion spending cuts.”

Nurse! Nurse! Please, somebody help me here.

It’s $2 trillion in spending cuts! He actually said it. “They’re getting $2 trillion spending cuts. We’re gonna have a trillion dollars in new revenue.” I said, ‘Somebody call the doctor. Somebody call an ambulance. I need help! I can’t deal with this and stay focused anymore.” A $2 trillion spending cut. He said, “There will be $2 trillion in spending cuts at the end of it.”

I said, “What the hell does that mean? Does that mean what I think it means?”

Yes, it probably does.



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