Obama Holds Press Conference to Brag About Boehner’s Confession


My friends, we cannot secure ownership by Obama of the last four years. We can’t make him own the last four years. We cannot convince people that he’s been president the last four years. We can’t convince people that what he’s done in the last four years relates to current economic circumstances that people are facing. They don’t believe that.

So if we can’t make Obama own the last four years, why does anybody think we can make him own the fiscal cliff? Why does anybody think we can make him own Benghazi? I mean, if this guy can Houdini out of four years of being president, surely he can get out of a day gone wrong at Benghazi. Speaking of that, wait ’til you hear this. This is from his press conference where he tried to upstage… Sorry.

This is from his press availability earlier today where the president spoke to the country in a heartfelt and heartwarming way about taking away their guns… I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. I’m trying to be less threatening and all that but I can’t. I can’t avoid somehow telling the truth. Anyway, he had his little presser today where he upstaged me or tried to (they all start at noon) and he’s announced that Biden is going to lead the effort to end gun violence.

The AP correspondent, Ben Feller, said, “Can you give us a candid update? Are we likely to go over the cliff?” Now, don’t you love it? Here’s the AP. (summarized) “Sir, please, help us. Reassure us. We’re all really nervous here in the press corps. Please, please, tell us candidly. Are we likely to go over the cliff? Are the Republicans going to take us over the cliff? Is it over, sir, or can you stop them? Can you save this country, sir?”

That’s the question.



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