Obama Aide to F. Chuck Todd: With These Republicans, “There’d Still be Slavery”

Do you realize that it’s attitudes like this that are guaranteeing the Republicans losing elections? That’s what we’re told. We’re told the Republicans had better abandon this kind of talk, abandon this kind of social issue stuff, including powerful Republicans, people don’t want to hear it. They gotta forget it, just like forget about enforcing immigration laws. And at the root of all of this is that we are all being told to pay no attention to the culture coming unglued. We’re told to express our concern in other ways. But I don’t know how you disagree with that. He says abortion has made us insensitive to killing?

Abortion has certainly made us insensitive to pregnancy. That was Margaret Sanger’s idea. I’m not supposed to say that either. Margaret Sanger’s idea was to convince people in America to abort their own seed, as he put it. Well, Margaret Sanger was targeting the black community, yes, that’s right. That’s politically incorrect to say. There are people watching Lincoln, the movie today, or reading commentary about it, I mean, people, elected officials who have no clue that it was Lincoln and the Republicans who freed the slaves. There’s all this talk about — the story’s somewhere in the stack — some elected Democrat as part of the budget negotiations going on, if we don’t stop the Republicans, they want to take us back to slavery. They want to take us back to the days of Lincoln, is what this guy is saving.

Well, excuse me, Lincoln freed the slaves. The Republican Party, that’s Lincoln’s party, freed the slaves. But today the truth is obscured by a pack of lies. And the lie is that no Republican ever saw a slave that he didn’t want to own, even today. That’s what the elected Democrats are out there saying. It’s like Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood is all about family planning. Yeah, but not the kind you’re thinking about. It’s called the elimination of black families. That’s what Margaret Sanger was about. Now, she’s long gone, room temperature many, many moons ago. And now Planned Parenthood, what is it? Planned Parenthood, wow, does that not sound really nice? They’re gonna teach you to plan your parenthood, plan your family. They’re gonna teach you how to do it right.



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